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The search for antimicrobial compounds from marine invertebrate-associated bacteria In Indonesian coral reef ecosystems: Presentasi RUTI

reef invetebrataIndonesia is the world's largest archipelagic country with approximately 17,508 islands containing valuable coastal and marine resources such as coral reefs. Marine organisms, in particular marine invertebrates from coral reef ecosystems have become sources of great interest to natural product chemistry, since they produce metabolites with different biological activities.


Marine invertebrates, which are plentiful in the Indo-Pacific regions including Indonesia, are rich in secondary metabolites and are becoming targets of continuing search for bioactive compounds. However, the problem of supply has hampered the development of these secondary metabolites produced by marine invertebrates. On the contrary, the metabolites from microorganisms is a rapidly growing field, due, at least in part, to the suspicion that a number of metabolites obtained from algae and invertebrates may be produced by associated microorganisms.


The project is aimed at isolating the microorganisms associated with reefs invertebrates from geographically different sites; screening of secondary metabolite producing­microorganisms by using biological and molecular approach, PCR-NRPS (Non­ribosomal Peptide synthetases) and PKS (Polyketide synthases) to increase the efficiency of screening; identifying prospective microorganisms; cloning and sequencing of the gene fragments of PKS and NRPS; bioassay-guided purification as well as dissemination of project results.


Development of Citrus Rootstock Resistance to Fungal Diseases by Gene Technology : Presentasi RUTI 2007

citrus infectedOne of the main constrains on citrus production is diseases of the root and stem- caused by Phytophthora and Diplodia. A number of fungal endophytes isolated from citrus root and stem are known to be antagonistic to those pathogenic fungi. These endophytes produce chitinase (Chn) and glucanase (Glu) enzymes which lyse the phytopathogenic fungal cell-wall during the antagonistic action, and release cell-wall fragments that act as elicitors of defence reactions such as accumulation of phytoalexins.

It has been envisaged that chitinase and glucanase derived from antagonist strains of fungi can be used as heterologous genes in crop plants for enhancing their resistance against phytopathogenic fungi. Although in some cases, treatment with glucanase and chitinasecan inhibit fungal growth in vitro, more often combinations of the two enzymes are required for antifungal activity.

This research has been conducted to insert and have expressed in citrus rootstocks, the ßGlu and Chn genes isolated from fungal endophytes of citrus roots and stem,to enhance their resistance to root and stem infecting fungi.


Developing Blast Durable Resistance By Using The Wild Rice Species Oryza rufipogonpogon : Presentasi RUTI IV: 2005-2007

padi blastOryza rufipogon is one of wild rice species that may be used as a source of gene (s) in rice varietal improvement program. Backcross (BC5) and double haploid populations had been developed from a cross between IR64 and O. rufipogon in order to exploit the useful genes for blast disease resistance. These two populations were used to map blast resistant genes and to develop durably resistant varieties. This study has been conducted in collaboration with CIRAD with the following objectives: (1) to identify resistance genes to blast, Pir4(t), originated from O. rufipogon and Pir7(t) originated from IR64, on chromosome 2, and (2) to evaluate the durable resistance of double haploid lines generated from BC2F3 of IR64 x O. rufipogon to blast. Result of the previous study indicated that Pir (4&7) was mapped in the position between two Simple Sequence Repeat (SSR) markers RM263-RM250, with the distance of 28.5 cM (Utami et al, 2005). Fine map is to be established to detect the exact position of the target genes. For this purpose, two lines BC5 population, namely 317-25-1-6 and 317-25-1-3 were selected as lines with the needed level of introgression for fine mapping and target gene identification. In order to complement and to enhance candidate gene analysis at the target position the insilico analysis was applied at the target fragment region peak between RM263-RM250 markers, which resulted in consecutive order 25 putative resistance genes in this fragment region. These putative genes were further analyzed by sequencing the bases of the selected genes above to design specific primer on the basis of TIGR gene genome browser. These designed primers are Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) that has high polymorphism levels to be used to enhance fine mapping development activities.


Perbedaan Perpustakaan dan Arsip

arsipCibinong -, Ketika pada suatu waktu seorang pimpinan bertanya tentang sekumpulan berkas pada stafnya : “Berkas apa tuh?Tolong serahkan saja ke perpustakaan,” katanya pada staf tersebut. Tunggu dulu! Benarkah berkas tersebut merupakan berkas yang memang merupakan tugas dan wewenang perpustakan untuk mengolah, mengelola dan mendokumentasikannya? Sebagai petugas yang menerima berkas pertama kali, semestinya dia memilah berkas tersebut apakah akan diserahkan ke perpustakaan atau ke pusat arsip.


Penelusuran informasi melalui Science Direct

science direct 1Cibinong -, Di jaman serba internet seperti sekarang ini, adalah hal biasa bagi para pengguna internet dalam menelusur informasi. Namun demikian, tidaklah banyak yang mengetahui tentang pengertian penelusuran informasi. Penelusuran informasi adalah interaksi secara langsung pada sumber-sumber informasi untuk menelusur informasi yang dibutuhkan, baik yang tersedia di perpustakaan dalam bentuk tercetak maupun melalui berbagai sumber yang tersedia di internet, dalam hal ini informasi ilmiah.


Pemanfaatan Aplikasi Flipping Book Dalam Digitalisasi di Perpustakaan

flip1Cibinong -, Mungkin Flipping book terdengar aneh bagi masyarakat awam, tapi pegiat informasi atau seseorang yang bekerja di perpustakaan pasti tahu tentang flipping book ini. Flipping book merupakan rangkaian gambar dalam buku yang seolah bergerak jika halaman-halamannya dibalik. Halaman buku berpindah dengan cepat seolah seperti film atau slideshow pribadi milik Anda sendiri. Flipping book juga merupakan cara yang bagus untuk mempelajari bagaimana cara kerja animasi. Terdapat berbagai macam cara untuk membuat flipping book Anda sendiri, ada yang menggunakan software adobe photoshop in design, flash ataupun software yang sudah jadi dan tinggal diaplikasikan. Aplikasi pembuat flipping book dapat di unduh secara gratis (trial) di website.

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